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Mackay: 4957 8177
Airlie Beach:  4948 2123
Bowen: 4786 6729
Sarina: 4943 0594
Proserpine: 4945 2591

Program Purpose

The purpose of this program is to link participants and other existing training programs that will improve the capacity to achieve sustainable employment outcomes. The Mackay region is suffering from a severe job shortage however to fill the vacancies, essential qualifications or skills must be obtained. The program focuses on projects to develop and deliver complementary training-related activities and services that:

  • Support local industry priority areas
  • Materially contribute to broader skill development initiatives
  • Enhance vocational education training outcomes
  • Achieve better job outcomes from training delivery
  • Provide additional training delivery in order to enable improved pathways to industry employment
  • Present an incentive for industry to contribute to the funding of training

Program Objective

  • Maintain a boutique approach to service delivery by targeting and maintaining a participant base of employers who embrace entry base training
  • To provide training which is flexible, individualised and further develops the participants self-esteem by empowering the participant with skills, knowledge and achievement
  • To apply the principles of access and equity in all our service activities
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